So, you want to fundraise some money for your chosen charity? That’s great!

This is what I have learned over the past half a year fundraising for my challenge to climb Mount Kilimanjaro for the charity, Childreach International.

  1. Start as soon as you decide/sign up to something (this is so obvious, duh!). Yes, this is obvious. What I am trying to say is, get a plan laid out, get a fundraising action plan written clearly or even put it on a spreadsheet in your Google account! Which leads onto my second tip..ideas
  2. PLANNING! Planning is so key in fundraising. See that google document you just set up for starting your fundraising? Fill it up with all your ideas! This can state what the event is going to be, when you plan on doing it, the items you will need for the event (bake sale = cakes and stand etc) and how much you plan on making/profit at the event.
  3. Set out a realistic time for the bigger events that you do! The reality is that you will need a lot of time for events that you plan on making £850+ at! Give yourself 12+ weeks to organise, execute and promote this event! People often underestimate how much encouragement some people need to go to an event.
  4. BE EXCITED! Nobody is going to give you their hard-earned money unless you are actually excited and passionate about what you are doing! Get creative and make up new and exciting ways to fundraise, show your dedication! Grab a fish and stand in town, charge a set amount for someone to slap you across the face with a fish (trust me its been done!)
  5. Remember your inspiration! This comes hand in hand with being excited about your cause! If you are having a period of time where fundraising is a bit more difficult, remember why you chose this charity and the reason that you strive to create a difference. As you are adding personal touches to your fundraising, like little thank you notes after someone donates to you, a handwritten letter or a message after an event, be sure to include enthusiasm and the reason why your chosen charity is so special!
  6. Make it personal. This means that people are more likely to donate because YOU are asking them and it’s YOU who is making all this effort.
  7. Use social media!!!! This cannot be expressed enough! Social media is a huge platform to use to aid in smashing those fundraising targets! A post can reach all over and can help you heaps and bounds! Share your events on social media, create engagement through pages, share your journey or why not create a blog to document it?!
  8. Get creative! Why not create new and exciting ways to help individuals become attached to your posts on social media? Ask yourself why did you sign u for this? Why now? Is it making a difference? SHARE this with as many people and possible and with each post make it personal to the individual! Suggest that it is helping children to mum and dad, suggest that it is helping animals to an animal mad person etc!
  9. Know your charity! It is very important to know your charity! You cannot be excited and do all of the things above if you do not know what your chosen charity stands for.
  10. HAVE FUN! Most importantly, have fun (duh)! This is a great cause and a great time for you to make making an impact on someone’s life! Keep fundraising as well, just because your target is diminished doesn’t mean you have to stop there, keep the ball rolling!

These are my top tips for fundraising and things alike, hope you get some inspiration from them! Sending love, Natasha x