A little bit of my thoughts..

A little bit of my thoughts..


You know when you get the urgent feeling just to write when you’ve had a weird, bad and great day all in one? yeah that’s what I am feeling right now.

Today was the first day back at my placement since before Christmas. All the nursery children were full of utter excitement to see one another, admittedly, some more so than others. It was a day of mixed emotions, one minute I would be hyped up and bouncing off the walls full of energy, the next I would be sitting on a peanut sized chair ready to fall asleep (attractive, right?!). The holidays are satan when it comes to messing with your sleeping pattern.

I went on my lunch to realise that event planning is so much harder than it seems, so much blood sweat and tears go into planning events that I didn’t even realise before. I began to feel more exasperated than tired, actually.


I have organised a big event for a fundraiser in a bid to raise some money for my Childreach journey. This was a huge risk within itself as I had only given myself 3 months to plan, organise and promote, 3 months!!! I was stupid to do this, but I love a challenge! So, with an open mind, I did it, planned set it all up and all that was left to do was promotion and ticket sales. I got an update today. It’s not looking so good. Sometimes, I began to envy people who could just make things look so easy and fundraise money like it’s their second nature. Although, after coming home and sitting down to write this, I realise that I did not sign up to this challenge for it to be easy, I knew it would be HARD work and I am still willing to give 110% to Childreach.

I plan to promote like there is no tomorrow and put EVEN MORE work into the event from now until it happens, I will not let this fail.

This slip up has shed a new light on how much event planners do in their day-to-day activities. Even though an amazing and rewarding kind of job, it still comes with its stresses. So, every day, remind yourself to be kind, spread positivity and love.You can only finish your goals in life, if you allow them to happen.

Just a little update, as this helps me relax a tad, ha!

Much love, N